The air is fraught with the smell of turkey fryer accidents and the sound of dead leaves crunching underfoot which can mean only one thing: it’s the end of November, winter is bearing down on us with its unceasing darkness and cold, and it’s time for Record Store Day: Black Friday! Check out our RSD page for all the info on when we’re opening (10 AM if you’re not the type to click through), what we’re doing Black Friday night (the Great All-Nighter at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre!), and what titles we’re gonna have in stock (ok, there’s too many to list in a parenthetical, so seriously, click through.)

With the onset of the holiday season upon us, we’ll be open a little bit more to help make sure you get just the gift that you’re looking for! We’ll be open every Sunday through Christmas (save for December 2nd) from 11 AM to 3 PM, plus we might just have a couple events up our sleeves to help you have the best holiday season possible!